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Thursday, January 18 2024
International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed annually on January 27, we proclaim “Never Again!” Yet, the increase in anti-Semitism around the world has many people asking if history could repeat itself?

Wednesday, January 17 2024
Aliyah Foundation 2023 Report

Aliyah Foundation is an organization of Jews and Christians dedicated to the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel. 

Our mission is to Bless Israel, Transform Lives, and Bridge Faith Communities.

Aliyah, a Hebrew term that translates to Ascend, has historical roots where people ascended to worship God at the temple in Jerusalem during Biblical times. It is also understood as 'Return.' Today, Jewish people from various parts of the world are making Aliyah, returning to their homeland in Israel.

Aliyah Foundation is dedicated to bringing people to Israel and offering them an immersive encounter with the land that vividly brings the Bible to life. The objective is to deepen understanding and foster a greater appreciation for the land, its people, and its historical significance. These educational tours serve as a connecting bridge, fostering relationships between Jews and Christians, and ultimately motivating participants to actively support and stand with Israel through tangible ways.

In the initial nine months of 2023, we organized Biblical tours of Israel and New Testament tours in Greece and Turkey, bringing over 200 individuals on these enriching journeys. Among these initiatives, the Israel-Dubai mission marked a significant milestone as our first endeavor of this kind. This inter-faith mission, primarily comprising individuals from Canada, was hosted by Rebel News Media and centered around examining the impact of the Abraham Accords signed with Israel in 2020.

Regrettably, the tragic events of October 7 compelled us to postpone three Biblical tours, affecting over 500 people. Despite this setback, we are pleased to share that a brave group of 64 individuals, led by Billye Brim, embarked on a mission/tour to Israel in December. During this excursion, they not only devoted time to touring but also actively engaged in providing physical assistance to those impacted by the war.

Throughout the year, the Aliyah Foundation has been actively involved in numerous projects aimed at supporting the most vulnerable in Israel. However, when the devastation caused by the October 7th attacks became evident, it quickly became clear that the challenges faced by Israel extended beyond the Middle East and were emerging globally. In response, we promptly shifted our focus to address the needs of Israelis and Jewish communities worldwide. An emergency fund was established to provide aid to Israel, and thanks to the generosity of you, the donors, we successfully reached our goal of raising $250,000. Under the leadership of Guy Leibovitz, our volunteers in Israel mobilized, undertaking activities such as daily feeding for over 1200 stranded individuals, assisting in evacuations near battle lines, delivering essential equipment to soldiers defending Israel, and more.

Joel Pollak of Breitbart News witnessed the impact of our volunteers and wrote about it. Articles and details can be found here, including information of our other emergency fund efforts.

For our team, the final months of 2023 felt like we were ‘navigating turbulent waters while tending to bleeding hearts’. However, on November 16, at our Stand with Israel rally, we realized that we were not alone. Hundreds gathered as Paul Wilbur and Destination Worship inspired everyone present. The commitment of individuals, demonstrating considerable personal sacrifice, prayer, and generosity, astounded us. May God's blessings extend to them and their children.

As we look forward to 2024, we acknowledge that the road to recovery will be challenging. The path of healing and restoration of Israelis will demand both time and deliberate effort, with a focus on reconstructing lives affected by this devastation. You play a vital role in this restoration process. At the Aliyah Foundation, we genuinely value each of you for your contributions, prayers, and support.

Drawing inspiration from the proverb, “Because we are created in God's image, whoever saves a single life is considered by Scripture to have saved the whole world”, let this be our driving force as we together persevere in the impactful mission of spreading healing and hope.

Shalom, Praying for peace

Paul Klassen

President and Co-Founder