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Our Story

Aliyah Foundation is a non-profit organization of Jews and Christians who are dedicated to the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel. We aim to raise global support for Israel by promoting dialogue and understanding through Education, Advocacy, and Humanitarian Aid. If the Christian community connects to their shared roots in Judaism it will ignite empathy, understanding, and a desire for a relationship with Israel as a whole; Jews, Arabs, and Christians alike.

What is Aliyah?

In Hebrew, to make an “aliyah” is to go up toward God, or more simply, “to rise, ascend.” Aliyah also refers to the journey of the Jewish people to the Promised Land.

Examples of Aliyah: “Return”

  • Jacob returned from Laban Gen 31.

  • Israel returned from Egypt

  • Ezra returned from Babylon

  • Zionism; the great modern return Ezekiel 36:24

Meaning:  TO ASCEND

  • Songs of ascent Psalms 120 - 135

  • Come let us go up to Zion

  • Going Up to seek God